Blockchain and CryptoCurrency

Protected by Torricel Data Security Architecture

By improving the security, we dramatically improve the viability of using Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies for millions of people and institutions worldwide.

Digital Asset Exchanges

Torricel security lends itself perfectly to the heart of instant-access custodial storage of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our technology is platform agnostic and optimised for multiple entry - app, web and API.

Our solution offers exchanges improved security not only to Private key and signing processes, but also to the critical digital information stored for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. An API will provide developers with the means to build our Torricel ASCC security architecture in to their third party apps, products and services as standard.

Commercial and custodial grade wallets

Racked hardware modules for deployment as localised wallets for branches, regions and business providers, either onsite or in data centres, exchanges and other services.

Consumer grade wallets

Small format deployments for permanently connected devices within the home and portable devices.


We are seeking to further develop our example implementation TorriWallet for deployment directly into commercial hardware wallets for the retail, trade and industry and consumer spaces.