About Torricel Data Security Technology

We’ve brought the world a new standard in data and processing security. Have the impenetrable security of ‘cold storage’, whilst always being connected. Yes, it is possible, only with Torricel.

Torricel is a patent-pending new highly secure multi-system bare-metal processing, data and network control architecture.

Our system creates an impenetrable off-line / cold storage and cold processing cell. Via a system of digital airlocks, requests are automatically passed from internet connected servers or devices to the permanently offline secured system. Never at any time is a secure system (known as System3) connected to any device that has an active current connection to the internet. This means that internet hackers can never reach your critical assets.

The secure system is further protected thanks to our new uniquely content restricted / content inspected serial communications protocol. Once inside the system of Torricel Digital Airlocks, data can only pass via our communications protocols: Syncser and Whalesong.

Torricel is for the absolute protection of IOT, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency and Database applications.

The highly controlled, specifically restricted content, high speed nature of Torricel makes it the essential choice for IOT and blockchain solution providers. Crucially the architecture's super efficient, light-weight demands on computational power versus traditional firewall and virus protection layers means Torricel is absolutely suited to high-volume IOT device manufacture, supporting the lowering price-point requirement of the emerging retail opportunity.

However, the light-weight, bare-metal nature of the architecture is also ideally suited to scaled server installations, particularly within the Blockchain, cryptocurrency and database industries. The Torricel architecture is a trilogy of security focused technologies, segregated into four separate fundamental improvements to data storage, communication and processing cores.

Specification: Patent-Pending Torricel Technology In-Depth.

Torricel is a new highly secure multi-system bare-metal processing, data and network control architecture that can be implemented within semiconductors, portable device and datacentre hardware security modules. It’s features include:


Data Isolated Digital Airlock Controller.

Torricel air-gapped Exclusive-OR switching further reinforces the absolute internet-solation of TorriCore devices by preventing more than one connection at any time. The Digital Air-gaps are controlled by an independent data isolated discrete logic control system.

Abnormal operation of the Torricel systems or unexpected data received by the systems trigger a fail-safe condition which will cause the Torricel Controller to immediately disconnect all data networks, protecting critical data and digital assets.


Internet-isolated Secure Data Storage and Processing.

A critical data and secure processing system which is never connected to the internet, nor connected to any other device with an active internet connection.

A one-way series of dedicated systems with Exclusive-OR air-gapped data networks.

Even in the incredibly unlikely event that an internet connected airlock input or ouput stage becomes under hacker control, the one-way electrically enforced movement of data prevents any feedback to the hacker, ensuring absolute protection.


Physical Communication Protocol

Syncser is our new highly secure, non-timing based 4 channel synchronised data communications protocol.

The method allows bit-by-bit data transfer with real-time data inspection. Potentially dangerous data instructions are identified before they reach processing memory stores, preventing any further data entering the system.

In the event abnormal data is detected (although it should already have been detected, but as a further layer of protection), the receiving systems will instruct TorriSWITCH to disconnect all data lines. Syncser is immune to attacks in underlying weaknesses that are present in traditional UART serial data architectures.


Reduced Instruction Set Communication Language.

Whalesong is a task-specific reduced instruction set communications language. It forms a crucial second stage level of protection to both the content of data and the systems which use it to receive data. Whalesong and Syncser work together to protect the movement of data and the systems on which they operate. Non-compliant data will also trigger a failsafe PANIC condition.

When you deploy Torricel architecture in your business and products, you deploy absolute specified protection at the core.