Database and Big Data

Protected by Torricel Data Security Architecture

Large databases are relied upon worldwide by governments, the military, institutions, blue-chips and SMEs alike.

They house a large mix of data types, spanning general mass data of low importance to highly sensitive and critical data.

Torricel's TorriBase protects sensitive data, ensuring access only to authorised personnel an systems - in specified volumes.

TorriBase - Highly secure data storage API based servers

TorriBase is a platform for highly secure database storage and access. We protect your data, even when your staff make mistakes and allow malware onto your network. The need for security over client data has become prevailant, especially in the wake of new GDPR responsibilities and increasing fines for data breaches. TorriBase provides an easy to use API based platform for IT professionals. Simply and securely use Torricel patented technology to protect against database hack, purges and mis-use. Even in the case where ransomware encrypts your entire network, you can rest assured that your precious data, secured behind Torribase is safe and secure.

The problem with current systems.
Database security is both expensive and time-consuming. Even with the best practice deployed, systems are vulnerable. Even with a secure cloud based server, hacks can work their way through your network to access your data.

How Torricel’s approach solves the problem.
Data is secured in our special high-speed autonomous cold-storage cloud servers, accessed only when an authenticated connection is made. TorriBase provides impenetrable policy enforcements which can incorporate machine learning and analytics to provide the most secure, auditable database platform.