IOT (Internet Of Things)

Protected by Torricel Data Security Architecture

IOT devices need to remain affordable, particularly small scaled consumer electronics (think smart light bulbs).

IOT Security is currently known for being weak. This is principally due to fast development periods, lack of security specification and source code software auditing. Furthermore, IOT security is currently deployed just at software level, meaning further vulnerabilities in the underlying architecture can be attacked.

Devices protected by Torricel IOT architecture are inherently secure and do not rely on expensive faster proccesors to deliver that security. Furthermore, development costs for IOT devices with Torricel at the heart is minimal. Our approach doesn't rely upon bulky algorithms or complex coding. When Torricel is deployed within your IOT device, the interests of the consumer, the retailing brand and the dependant ecosystems are safeguarded.

Our security architecture can be built into small PCB designs and even entirely within CPU hardware, building security in as standard.