The world's most effective data security architecture.

We’ve brought the world a new standard in data and processing security. Have the impenetrable security of ‘cold storage’, whilst always being connected.
Yes, it is possible, only with Torricel.

Torricel is a revolutionary, highly secure architecture - that hooks seamlessly into your existing technology. From the semiconductor (such as a mobile phone and IOT devices) to large scale infrastructure industries (such as a database installation or crypto-currency exchange), Torricel can protect every critical data storage and processing requirement.

Discover the many applications of Torricel security architecture. From Government and military to Industry 4.0, IOT and Telecommunications.

Torricel's data security architecture is the next generation of data protection.

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Discover how Torricel provides all the protection of offline computing, in an online autonomous world!

Our technology isolates your critical data and processes from the internet, whilst providing instant access when required.

Remember this essential feature - no matter how fast you access a Torricel system, or how big the volume of data you pass through it, your data is NEVER connected to the internet, nor is it connected to a system with an active connection to the internet.

That is the difference between a system protected by Torricel (patent-pending) versus any other security technology currently available.

Protect your user's digital assets...

The New Standard in Security

As Torricel is implemented in more and more tech, your customers will be looking for our logo on your packaging.

True Isolation of all things Critical

Critical data and secure processing on systems never connected to the internet.

Hackers outside

Torricel protects against internet attacks and system architecture weaknesses.

Torricel Certification

Penetration testing and design compliance certification awards.

Try Torricel data security : Introducing Torriwallet.

Contact us today to discuss how Torricel can secure technology in your industry. Or try a real-life example with TorriWallet applied to the crypto-currency industry; a demonstration of highly secure crypto wallet with cold storage but immediate access and no human intervention!

TorriWallet - The worlds most-secure Cryptocurrency wallets.

Applications of Torricel Data Security Architecture:

Torricel data security on Industry 4.0
  Torricel protects Industry 4.0
Torricel data security on Personal Data
  Torricel protects personal data
Torricel data security on smartphones.
  Torricel protects mobile devices.

About The Torricel Company

The company behind the new standard for data security.

Torricel exists to house our intellectual property relating to data security architecture and take advantage of it worldwide. We commercially exploit our IP through licensing agreements, and by offering a base product and implementation design book.

Torricel seeks to build a certifiable standard for data security and set benchmarks and certify technology as compliant under these.

Our team also brings the opportunity for consultancy, development and industry thought-leadership services based on our IP. Whilst we seek to exploit the property we currently hold, we never cease in innovating and expanding our product offering.

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Torricel's Team...

Del Thomas
Business Director

Del has started and driven the growth and success of multiple startups over the last 15 years. He has a proven track record of building highly-tuned organisations in the technology sector and an in-depth knowledge of the authoring, registration and delivery of patents and IP.

Paul Emerton
Inventor and Technology Director

Paul is a natural born tech geek starting in the ‘80s with a BBC Micro. He wrote his first data security system in the early ‘90s. In his working life he designed one of the first and most comprehensive TV Advertising algorithm based analytics systems. He was recently contracted by an international aerospace and defence company for forensic data recovery and system repair. Most recently, his work on data security sparked the idea that became Torricel.

David Angell
Marketing, Communication and Engagement Coordinator.

David for 15 years has been at the forefront of digital change, with expertise across the disciplines of digital marketing, SEO and communications. His career has seen him work at Google’s EMEA HQ advising companies from SME to multi-national in digital advertising and analytics. He ran Online Communications for former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg prior to and through the 2010 election, realising one of the first, and most successful UK digital political campaigns.

Keith Emerton
Technical Engineering Advisor

Keith’s knowledge of strict military grade compliance and innovative efficient engineering led to him advising on the development of some of the core principles of the Torricel data movement architecture. His primary focus is on the highly controlled, audit-ready development of Torricel Data Control Standards and the co-design of the exclusive-OR network of data switches.

Paul Lucraft
Financial Compliance and Payments Consultant

Paul is an experienced Banking and Financial Services Expert. He initially qualified as a Chartered Accountant with what is now Deloittes and then worked for TSB and Lloyds TSB for 12 years in finance, credit risk and fraud prevention. Paul worked for MasterCard for 9 years, rising from regional Risk Manager to General Manager. Paul has since launched a specialist payments and risk consultancy and works as a leading industry expert providing support to payments organisations, retailers and other businesses.


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